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Odor-Eaters Everyday Wear

Odor-Eaters Everyday Wear insoles are specially designed for everyday shoes. The thin, flat design of Everyday Wear insoles cushions without crowding in the shoe. Odor-Eaters Everyday Wear contains activated charcoal to lock in and destroy odour, Insta-Fresh® to instantly neutralise sweat acids that release odour and a powerful anti-bacterial agent to fight odour-causing bacteria, providing odour and wetness control that lasts for months.

Key benefits

√ Destroys foot odour and absorbs sweat
√ Super absorbent formula
√ Formulated with three powerful odour-destroying ingredients,plus an antibacterial
√ All-day effectiveness
√ For maximum protection, use with Odor-Eaters odour-destroying insoles.

Use 1 pair of insoles per pair of shoes. For an exact comfortable fit follow the printed guidelines on the insoles and cut to fit men’s, women’s or children’s shoe size. Place in shoes fabric side up.

Non active: Activated charcoal, Insta-Fresh Technology, Powerful anti-bacterial agent

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